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Born in HI
SF is home
I really, really like flowers.
The Longest Year of My Life Part 5

Silly little girl

White privilege blinding me

To tears of laughter

Longest Year of My Life Part 4

I’ve never been sentimental but when you realize you broke up with the love of your life…

San Francisco, why did I ever leave you?

Longest Year of My Life Part 3

Last night someone I’ve allowed myself to call a “friend” jokingly said that out of everyone he knew I “deserved to be roofied.” 

I didn’t think it was funny at all and to be honest, I will always be pissed off with them until they apologize.

"Women’s studies minor" my balls. You probably just took the minor to prey on women. 

Out of all the sexist bullshit I’ve experienced in this country, most of the especially hurtful experiences here have been from American men.

I’ve never been a fan of Independence Day.

The Longest Year of My Life Part 2

I don’t want to be with everyone, I only want to be with me.