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Born in HI
SF is home
I really, really like flowers.

I am slowly letting my guard down with a co-worker and it feels amazing to finally have someone at work who I could possibly trust.

I’m so ashamed for perceiving the women of this country as perfection to aim for, rather than people I can rely on. People who really are going though the same sexist bullshit I have to suck up and get though at least three times a week.

I will always admire them for the strength to endure in a society that still remarkably resembles “Mad Men.” I wish I could shake off the attitude that going into work every day is like going into a losing battle…but I may have some allies very soon.

"   I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting.   "

(via kylekallgren)


This morning I accidentally translated “Ana and the Snow Queen” to “The Snow Queen’s Hole” into Japanese for my students in class. After work, I went to my kumu hula’s house but forgot class was cancelled. Then I returned home and cooked a horrendous meal I’m still recovering from.
But I just got a text from the English teacher saying that the students did well on the exam, especially on the grammar questions I associated with “Frozen.” It’s funny how a bunch of screw-ups don’t matter anymore when you’ve done the most important thing right…


Asleep // The Smiths

I don’t want to wake up on my own anymore.


I wish I had more positive male influences in my life.